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True inspiration comes from God alone, God is in the light. There is no darkness in God. The light of God is in you as a child of God; when light appears darkness gives way. Our Books and materials are Inspiration from the true and only God. They are books that will bless your soul, impact your life and make you a better person relevant to this generation, this world and the kingdom of God. If you want to be inspired and contribute to this present world, you need our books, if you want to discover yourself as a child of God, you need our books, if you want to make impact as a Christian, you need our books, if you want to know more about God and His kingdom you need our book, if you want to live a life free from attacks of darkness you need these books, if you want to be fulfilled in life all you need are these books, if you need to know more about your destiny, go for our books, if you want to be relocated from the bottom to the top you need our books, if you want to be great as a child of the great I am, all you need is our books. The bible says; He that has ears let him listen to what the spirit of God is saying.  A word, they say is enough for the wise. Get our books, all our books go with prayer points for you and your family.

                 Take it by force 

The first man was created perfect and was given a crown of glory for him to fulfill his destiny here on earth and make it to eternal glory; but along the line man fell and lost everything to the devil through sin and there was a separation between man and God his creator, but thank God for Jesus Christ, who came to die for the world and reconcile man back to his creator and bring back to man all he lost to the enemy. The enemy is still cheating on some Christians and Believers by putting them in perpetual bondage of sin, sickness, diseases, poverty, setback, retrogression, backwardness and the likes of it. Believers must rise up and take what rightly belong to them by force and not in negotiation with the enemy.
Revealed in this book is all you need to live a victorious life in all your Endeavour.

            Thy kingdom Come

In the prayer “Thy Kingdom Come”; Jesus is saying by this prayer that the kingdom of heaven is coming to earth and the culture of earth is to be the culture of heaven, He was telling us to always be connected, acquainted, focus and to live our lives according to the culture and standard of heaven. We are to get direction from the King and His Kingdom and be abreast of happenings of the kingdom. Jesus Christ is the first born of the father, we, the Believers are other children of the father. We need to establish the presence of the King and His kingdom in all that we do here on earth by following the way of the kingdom. The standard of His kingdom is the same as Heaven standard, which is our permanent home and destination.
Unlock the mysteries of establishing Heaven here on Earth.


God’s Revelation, And Your Destiny Fulfillment 

For you as a Christian or a child of God to fulfill your destiny, you will need some revelation and the revelation you need in this context, is the word of God, it is God Himself, if you know God there is no way you will go astray, make mistakes, do what is wrong and contrary to His will, or be confused, because God is everything you need, His word is the revelation that is emphasized on in this context. More than two thousand years ago the word of God has not changed, men and women that got revelation of God and His word and acted accordingly was never put to shame, never regretted serving God and doing His will, they were fulfilled and it was well with them.
(God Reveal To Redeem, Fulfill Your Destiny And Affect Your        Generation)

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